Our goal is to perpetuate and improve the Yorkshire line. For this we use a program to develop the intelligence, memory, affection, perseverance and other aptitudes needed to produce well balanced Family dogs. We are careful to monitor and correct any aggressive behavior towards humans so that all our dogs can become excellent companions to any family. All our Yorkie puppies are definitely house trained, Potty Trained,  They are just exactly what you are looking for and will be the perfect match for you and your family. You are one step ahead in getting your own Yorkie puppy either for your family, or for a birthday gift. Feel to contact us at anytime for more information or to make a reservation.

Charlie is Such a Lover Boy

Well here’s our fun loving, sweet and sociable Charlie, son of Charm. He loves the snow and also new grand babies! He keeps us busy with his hysterical antics and also what a lover boy/snuggles he is. Sleeps through the night in his kennel and takes a morning and afternoon nap as well.Lives for his round the block walks each day while prances proudly along with no pulling. We have a great trainer who helps us once a week. We all of us absolutely love him to bits!!! Julie N.

Izzy is amazing with the kids!


I hope that this finds you doing well. Izzy is doing great. She really is a good puppy, and gets compliments everywhere she goes. She started puppy class, and when she had a private session in our house the dog trainer asked where she was from because she said she could tell that she was bred well. She was complemented by the vet too. She is the most tolerant little puppy and does. Thank you so much. We check your website often to see the adorable new puppies and are always referring to you. Jill Smith,

Granby is an Immediate fit into our Family!


Melanie, Words cannot express how happy Ron and I are with Granby. Immediately she has fit into our family. I really want to thank you for your wonderful advise, your expertise in breeding these wonderful dogs. We both feel so fortunate to have met you and first hand observed your love and care of all your great dogs and wonderful puppies. If anyone would like to contact us, please give our number to them. I realize at times buying a puppy unseen could be a bit frightening. , Barbara and Ron Vail,